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Purchasing the Best SUP Paddle: Werner Paddles

The owner and creator of Werner Paddles, Werner Furrer, picked up his first paddle back in 1945 while he was in the Swiss Military where he learned foldboat Kayaking. He married his wife, Martha and they moved from Switzerland to Canada and then to New York state, Ct. PA and finally to the Pacific Northwest.

As the years went on, his entire family enjoyed boating, especially his son Werner Jr. who made his first paddle at an early age. In 1965 Werner Sr. made his first paddle in the family garage and as they say, “the rest is history”.

What Makes the Werner Brand Unique?

Right from the beginning, the paddles were designed, tested, and built for performance that you will feel with your hands as you move through the water. With every paddle stroke you will feel the quality and workmanship that went into making the paddle.

They make paddles for all level of paddlers for a lot of fun with minimal fatigue. This starts with getting a great fit for better performance on the water. The design will give you sound balance, smooth strokes, and a light swing weight.

The swing weight refers to how the paddle feels as you swing it. By lowering the swing weight, you will increase your fun by being able to paddle for longer periods of time.

They are balanced, and you can test this out when holding the paddle in your hands, if the blades do not rock back and forth, you have a balanced paddle. With great balance you do not have to grip the paddle so hard. This will increase the time you can spend paddling. The blades are designed  to be smooth and efficient so you can cover more water with one stroke.

The Werner Company uses quality material to make the blade and shaft of their paddles, Some blades are fiberglass while other are made of carbon. The shaft on some are carbon steel and some are made of fiberglass and the shaft can be bent or straight.

They make paddles for whitewater sports, kayaking, canoes, iSUP, touring and coastal play. There are one-piece, two- piece, and 3-piece paddles depending on what sport you will use them for.

The qualities of paddles range from standard to premium to ultimate. The size of the blade will depend on you and what you want to do with the paddle. Use a small paddle if you are a small person or a beginner: use a medium if you are in good physical condition and of average weight and height: Use a large size paddle if you are really fit and a larger size person that wants to move through the water fast and has the strength to do it.

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A Review Of Some Of  Werners’ Paddles

I would like to review a few of the Werner SUP Paddles so you see what I am talking about as far as workmanship, quality, and performance.

Zen: Hooked 95 1-Piece SUP Paddle

Features List

  • Shaft Is Made of Carbon And Is One Piece
  • Blade Is Long and Slender, 95 sq Inches
  • Comes in Colorful Zen Designs
  • Dimensions are 86 x 12 x 5 Inches
  • Weighs 1.32 pounds
  • Nice Flex In the Paddle

With the Zen SUP Paddle you will have one of the coolest looking paddles on the water. Of course, you will have a light weight paddle that will allow you to paddle for hours without getting tired. Great for touring around the lake or on a river to view the scenery at your leisure. The carbon shaft is durable and impact resistant, brightly colored blade. Great paddle for a smaller person, beginning paddler or those with limited motion in their body. This little beauty has a 5 star rating.

Werner Zen 85 2 Piece Performance Adjustable Shaft Paddle

Features List

  • Long and Slender Blade design
  • Offset From Shaft to Blade of 10 degrees
  • Paddle Area is 85 Square Inches
  • Great For Smaller to Medium Size Paddlers
  • Adjustable Shaft

The Zen 85 2 Piece Adjustable Paddle is also a great paddle for those small in stature as the shaft and grip are available for a perfect fit. If you want to exert as little effort as possible but still want to glide across the water with ease, its’ light swing weight will allow you to do just that. At the end of the day you will be tired but it will be from having fun and not paddling your butt off. With the adjustable shaft you will have the perfect size paddle for your height and strength.

Werner Session 1-Piece Fiberglass SUP Paddle

Features List

  • 1 Piece Shaft
  • Mid-Size Blade
  • Weighs 27.25 ounces
  • 1-year warranty
  • 100 Square Inch Surface Area

This paddle is made to have optimal strength and flex in the one piece shaft made of fiberglass and it also has a sturdy palm grip. The blade on this paddle is also made of fiberglass and offers 100 square inches of surface area. It is best suited for water that has some movement to it, not just calm, flat water. Fiberglass used to make this paddle is resistant to abrasions and impact damage. It weighs less than 2 pounds, but you will exert more energy if you use it in faster moving bodies of water.

Werner Flow 85 3-Piece Adjustable SUP Paddle

Features List

  • Three Piece Shaft
  • Shaft Is A Carbon Blend
  • Light In Weight
  • Fiberglass Blade
  • Extremely Buoyant

This paddle comes in three different sizes that can be adjusted as follows: 70-77.5–74-81.5–80-87.5. Its beautiful and bright blue color is right-on for water sports. The shaft adjusts with six length setting and is made of a carbon blend of material. This paddle would fit anyone so the entire family can have matching paddles. The long and slender blade makes for almost effortless movement across the water and it is made of fiberglass with the surface area of 85 square inches.


If you want to purchase one of the very best paddles on the market, look for the Werner brand name. They are a family owned business that has always made paddles that will allow their customers a great fit and hours of fun. Hope you have enjoyed the little review above about the Werner Paddles and feel better about going to spend a little more money on the best paddles on the market.