Wakooda Inflatable Paddle Board – Comes with Seats

Wakooda GT126 Inflatable Paddle Board

Are you still trying to make up your mind on which paddle board to purchase? One of the best option that can come your way is the Wakooda GT 126 Inflatable  Paddle board. It has a clean design and also has a distinct resemblance to a  kayak. It is available in a blue and grey color with a gray EVA deck.

Feature List

  • Holds up to 200 pounds
  • 8 D-rings for center, forward, aft or double seating
  • Korean 1000 denier drop stitch material
  • 3-piece carbon fiber adjustable paddle
  • 2 seat attachments

Wakooda Features

Dimensions: It is about 6” thick and 30” wide and 10’6″ long. It weighs in at just 20 pounds which is a medium weight for a paddle board.

Solid construction: The construction of the Wakooda GT126 is very impressive. It is made of Korean 1000 denier drop stitch material which is a commercial  grade material. The design is sleek and slender with a pointed bow which makes for less resistance while gliding through the water.

Maximum weight capacity: It can easily inflate to about 20 PSI and it can hold two people with a combine weight of about 350 lbs.

How It's Made

Wakooda GT126 Review

You will simply love the accessories that come with this paddle board. It has  a carbon-fibre 3 piece adjustable paddle  and a BRAVO high volume dual action manual inflation pump.

Additionally, you will have a backpack to store it in, a patch kit, and an ankle leash. The best thing about the backpack is that it is quite spacious and can easily accommodate some of your essentials.

You will not have to worry about your safety when using this paddle board. The reason is that the deck is made with an EVA non-skid surface. You can kneel, sit or stand using it.

This paddle board also has a carry handle. Another aspect worth mentioning are the quality fins. Two of the fins are fixed while one fin is removable. This allows you to choose the right fins for the water site you will be going to.

The paddle of this Wakooda  board will not  sink.  Even if you are a beginner, it is perfect for you as it is designed for easy maneuvering with a pointed bow and tapered tail, your water sources could be a lakes,  a near by river  or the open water of the ocean.

The patch kit that you get with this product is also quite valuable as it allows you to manage small patches on your own.

The pump  does a very good job and you can easily inflate your board in just about 3 minutes.

The pump has a two stroke function, meaning that air goes into the board with each up and down stroke. This is why the inflation time is much less than other paddle boards.

When you are inflating your board, then you should switch to the 2 stroke mode till it is filled up to 3 PSI. Next you have to remove the red plug and switch to the 1 stroke mode. You will notice that this pump only tends to inflate on the down stroke. This lets you make use of your body weight.

It tends to function quite well on flat water and the stability should not be an issue for you either. The 8-D rings that you get with this Wakooda paddle board are also quite useful.

4 of these D-rings are used for the shock cord for holding the cargo upfront. The tail rings and the bow can easily be used for towing.

The maintenance is also quite easy. Rinse the board off with clean water after each use. Periodically, wash the board down with soapy water to remove any stuck on debris, keep it looking sharp and ready for you to take to the water.

You get a one year limited warranty against any manufactures defects with this paddle board. General wear and tear is not covered. If you do sustain damage, the board comes with a repair kit for the little dings and scratches.


  • It facilitates fast paddling.
  • A complete package
  • Slim and attractive design.


Wakooda GT 126 Paddleboard costs under $600 and is designed to suit your every need.

The board is for purchase at  Amazon.com.

When considering  the remarkable features of this paddle board, the price is justified, so go for it! You can read more reviews on inflatable Sups or check out our recommend Tower sup here.

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