Ultimate Water Fun: Vilano Voyager 11′ Inflatable Paddle Board

Vilano Voyager 11′ Inflatable SUP

Vilano Voyager 11' Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Package, 6" Thick
Vilano Voyager 11' Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Package, 6" Thick
Vilano Voyager 11' Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Package, 6" Thick
Are you addicted to water sports or are you looking for a new inflatable paddle board?  Your search ends right here. You have found the Vilano Voyager 11′ Inflatable stand up SUP . It has an elegant design and is very appealing to the eye with its striking red color. To find out more about the Vilano Voyager, read the entire review.
Feature List

  • Inflated size: 11′ x 31″ x 6″
  • Deflated it’s only 1 foot in diameter by 38″
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs.
  • Has carrying bag

Features of Vilan0 Voyager


Durable: It is made of durable PVC/Korean drop stitch  construction  and is equipped with many D rings  and extra bungee cord to secure your cargo to the board.

Size: The inflated size of this paddle board is 11′ x 31″ x 6″. When it is deflated, it can be rolled up to about 1 foot in diameter and put in the provided backpack for easy transport or storage.

Weight capacity: It has a maximum weight capacity of about 300 lbs. It could hold two smaller adults or even two children and an adult on the board and not have to worry about it bending or being unstable.

Exclusive deck pad: The Vilano Voyager board has a unique deck pad which is made of an anti-slip material . This enables the passenger to paddle all day with little fatigue and is a great safety feature. The deck area is larger than than other paddle boards.

Numerous accessories: You will be delighted with the quantity of  accessories. It has a backpack with a  shoulder strap, valve wrench, removable center fin, inflation pump, and a paddle . Once you reach your destination, you will have everything you need in one backpack.

Vilano Paddle Board Review

The paddle in this package is in 3 pieces and is made of aluminum. The fin is removable and is taken off the board when it is folded up after a day of fun.  It is perfect for those paddlers who are just beginning to learn the art of paddle boarding. The Vilano board is quite easy to use. When you reach your destination,  you will not be a problem inflating this to a full-fledged  board. When you are done with your paddling, then you simply deflate it and roll it up and put it in your bag and it is ready for storage  or ready to travel to your next destination for more paddle boarding fun.

You do have the ability to tie a small amount of cargo to the board with the bungee cord attached to the front of the board. You can pack some of Fido’s dog treats if you decide to take him for a ride on your new paddle board. Maybe even take some fishing gear and give it a try during a rest period!

Another key highlight of this product is the element of comfort. It has a diamond groove traction pad design. This traction pad provides you the comfort you need. You can either sit, kneel or stand and it will keep you secure when  moving on the board and prevent you from slipping off the edge. The Vilano Voyager is perfect if you are looking for long-distance speedy paddling.

What makes Vilano Paddle Board stand out is the manufacturer’s warranty for 1 year. This means that if you encounter any issues with the construction of the board, the manufacturer will take care of the problem. Make sure that you follow the instructions that come with the board so the warranty will cover any repairs needed.

Vilano Voyage Pros

  • It has a quality hand-pump that can inflate it with ease.
  • Glides well in the flat-water.
  • The stability can be compared to that of the traditional hard boards.
  • Available with extra material reinforcements.


The product has gained a lot of popularity since its launch because of the exceptional features  it has to offer  the users. It is still a best seller and feels very similar to using a hard board. For the money, it is a good investment for an individual or for the entire family.

Vilano Voyager Paddle board looks attractive with its bright red color and is designed to suit your paddle boarding needs. Get it from Amazon

If this is not what you were looking for then I would suggest looking at the Tower Inflatable Sup or read more in our Inflatable Sup Guide here for more options. This a great board but everyone has their own specific needs when buying an inflatable paddle board. Enjoy!

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