PathFinder Inflatable SUP Board

PathFinder Inflatable Paddle board

PathFinder Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddleboard
PathFinder Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddleboard
PathFinder Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddleboard
Are you looking forward to owing one of the most popular Paddle boards around? Your decision to buy one can end right here. The PathFinder Stand Up is one of  the best choices you could make.
Feature List

  • Paddle board is about 9’9” long
  • Width is about 30”
  • Made with PVC material
  • Holds a weight of 240lbs.
  • Large deck pad

This Paddle board has an elegant and sophisticated design that is bound to catch every ones eye, This great board comes in either orange or bright blue. The price is so reasonable, you can buy one of each color! Actually, when the board is in the water, it is hard to tell that it is an inflatable board!

Pathfinder Inflatable Sup Features

Measurement: It is about 9’9” long. The width is about 30” and thickness is about 5”. It is recommended for all skill levels of paddle boarders.

Available with a number of accessories: Among the accessories is a high pressure air pump, a quality carry bag with  shoulder straps, a valve wrench, aluminum paddle, bungee tie-downs and removable center tracking fin.

Comfortable deck: The Pathfinder has a large anti-slip deck which will make your ride more stable and provide you an enjoyable experience. Since is so stable, you can take your dog or children for a ride with you.

On-board cargo security: The good news for all Pathfinder paddle board owners is that you can attach a fair amount of cargo to the deck of your board with the bungee cords provided.

Very Durable: The durability of the board is due to the PVC material and strong multi-layer dropstitch.

Lightweight: This is quite light in comparison to a traditional paddle board.

Allows the use of different pumps: When you inflate the Pathfinder,  you can use a variety of pumps, like a bike pump.

Allows maximum weight: It can easily hold a weight of 240 lbs. Make it a point to not exceed the recommended weight as it could cause the board to bend if you get someone to  heavy on it.

Maintenance is easy: Once you have used the Pathfinder sup, you simply wipe it with a clean towel. Make sure that you do not leave it in the sun when it is fully inflated. This could cause excessive tension on the materials as the hot air expands and could result in damage to the seams.

After using your board, attach the pump valve to deflate it, clean if off with soapy water, pack it away in the carry pack and it will be ready for your next adventure.

Pathfinder Paddle board Product Review

You will find it to be quite easy to use. It doesn’t take a lot of time to unpack  and get it inflated. You will be ready for some fun in just a few minutes

To fully inflate the board it will takes about 5 to 10 minutes. Attaching the fin is not complicated either.  The fin comes in a box with a plastic protector over it. Slide the protector off and slide the fin into place and secure the fin clamp.

You can adjust the aluminum paddle so it fits your height and stroke in the water.

One of the best features of the Pathfinder is that you can get a one year warranty from the company. If there is damage to the board that is due to manufacturing or workmanship problems, the company will take care of it. Normal wear and tear is not covered by the warranty.

Pathfinder Sup Pros

  • The Pathfinder is very stable and easy to handle.
  • You are covered with a one year warranty.
  • Holds up to 240 lbs.
  • Customers are happy with the manufacturers speed on delivery.


  • After a few uses the shaft tends to slip.
  • It is not real fast in the water.


When you are looking for a quality inflatable sup, then the Pathfinder Paddle board is a great choice. The product experienced massive sales since its launch. Read the customer comments on Amazon and you will see many happy customers for yourself as to why they like using it so much.

Pathfinder Paddleboard looks attractive and has a solid construction. The bright colors and flawless design is bound to please you. Get the best price on amazon here!

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