Atlantis All Around Inflatable Paddle Board

Atlantis SUP Inflatable Paddle Board

Atlantis Paddle Board SUP
Atlantis Paddle Board SUP
Atlantis Paddle Board SUP
If you are looking for a paddle board with an elegant and sophisticated design that will catch attention and still be one of the best boards on the market, take a look at the Atlantis inflatable SUP package. This Review will give you all the information you need to know about this board.
  • Measurement: 10’6″ x 30″ x 6″
  • weighs about 35 lbs
  • Weight limit of about 398 lbs
  • Excellent Stability (3 Fins!)
  • Backed by manufacturers 2 year warranty

 Atlantis Sup Features Details



Weight: It has a weight limit of about 398 lbs. It can easily inflate to about 20 PSI. Even at 10 PSI it is ready for use. This board can easily accommodate two users or a user and a pet. Deflated, it weighs a little more than other boards, 35 lbs, but it will still store into a 1 foot by 3 foot backpack included in the package.

Large anti-slip deck pad: The deck pad has a huge capacity and is made of anti-slip material. This allows you to  move freely around the deck and even fish off the side of the board. This deck also is a safety factor if you are just starting out in this sport.

It can take a while to get a comfortable footing on the deck so you feel confident while paddling. This large area is very forgiving for first timers. It also can handle two riders on the large deck.

Exclusive 3 fin design: This board has a quality three fin design. Most other boards have only one fin. This fin design makes the board more stable, especially if there is more than one rider. It has  rigid reinforced materials which allows for more buoyancy and it will perform more like a hard board.

Atlantis Paddle Board Review

The Atlantis’s board has so many great features, you will enjoy your time in the water. The manufacturer used military grade material to make the board so it is very durable and can withstand running into rocky shores or floating debris without scratching it. It can also stand the rocky shores because of the drop stitch construction. The UV Resistant PVC  will not be damaged by hours in the sun or the salt water.

Some of the accessories that come with the Atlantis are:

  • adjustable paddle
  • backpack carrier bag
  • a pressure pump with a PSI gauge
  • ankle leash


Using the inflation pump is easy and most convenient. Inflations can take less than 6 minutes and the board is easy to deflate as well. The board can be inflated to a maximum of 20 psi but is really hard at 10 psi. So use your own judgement on what you will want to inflate it to so it works best for you in the water.

The board is equipped with 4 D-rings and they are located so a kayak seat could be tied to them. You could also tie a small amount of cargo to the D-rings on the back of the board.

adjusting the fin

Out of the three fins two are fixed and the third fin can be removed if necessary. This will depend on what type of water you will be in and if turning is a problem for you. It can be used in still water, small waves and even in river settings. It can go anywhere you want to take it for a day of fun.

The dual action high pressure pump is a quality addition to this package as is the PSI gauge.  When you are inflating, the pump will lock in place. When you are deflating, the pump will remain open.  .

The Atlantis comes with a manufacturer 2 year warranty which is a definite plus. Since this is such a good quality paddle board you will probably not have to use the warranty.

Atlantis Sup Pros

  • Does not require refilling often if you want to leave it inflated.
  • It is suitable for all paddlers regardless of their skill set.
  • Has a large area deck to balance on.
  • Has a 2 year warranty.


This alluring Atlantis paddle board is bound to catch your eye. The features that you get with this board are well  worth the cost. The package is complete, and the board is extremely durable. Customers have said that the company is very easy to work with and they appreciate the 2 year warranty offered to all that purchase their board. You can read more on my guide for stand up paddle board  reviews.

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